Chapter Meetings

Join us for presentations delivered by expert speakers at our chapter meetings. Our topics are relevant and are tied into the ATD national competency model. Each meeting includes dinner, networking, and opportunities to meet our sponsors.

Upcoming events

    • 26 Sep 2018
    • 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • NJIT EnterpriseDevelopment Center, 211 Warren St, Newark, NJ 07103

    Chapter Sponsored Event

    Innovation + Entrepreneurship Summit:

    Where Learning Technologies and Your Career Meet

    NJIT Enterprise Development Center | 211 Warren Street | Newark, NJ 

    7:30 AM Networking & Breakfast |Keynote starts 8:30 AM

    About this Summit

    The Northern New Jersey Chapter is partnering with the New Jersey Institute of Technology Enterprise Development Center to bring you an exciting half-day professional development learning event. 

    Attendees will have the opportunity to explore a variety of topics. Breakout session topics include:

    • Augmented Reality
      Learning and Training is changing.  New tools are available that makes training more immersive and instructive.  This breakout session explores what opportunities lie in front of the next generation of training.  How can trainers and organizations get involved, avoid costly dead ends and what are the hurdles to overcome. In this workshop, you will:     
      • Explore the opportunities to use augmented reality in training
      • Learn whether and how to get involved in augmented reality
      • Become aware of hurdles to overcome in order to get involved
    • The Importance and Perils of Social Capital in Innovation Ecosystems
      Innovation ecosystems, such as incubators and accelerators, offer their members a “critical mass” of social capital including potential collaborators, vendors, and customers.  Social capital is crucial to startup’s survival, but startups that do not engage an ecosystem’s social capital would be better off not being in the ecosystem at all.  Once the startup realizes revenue, achieving profit will require converting the tacit knowledge of social capital into explicit knowledge, such as standard operating procedures.  We illustrate these dynamics, and how the entrepreneur can navigate from startup inception to growth. 
      In this workshop, you will learn about: 

      • How to maximize the benefits to your venture of being in an incubator or regional cluster.
      • Behaviors that lead to successful entrepreneurship, and their sequencing.
      • Strategies with long-term positive impact on your venture.
    • Micro-learning
      Micro-learning: Training today’s employee- “teach them the way you reach them”-Using a “TV-commercial” communication model to accelerate learning.

      As a result of attending this workshop, you will 
      • Learn what is micro-learning and how and where to use it
      • Learn how micro-learning accelerates knowledge transfer
      • Learn how to maximize the benefits of micro-learning
      • Learn the best practices for design and development       

      • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

      Automation and AI: Reimagining Talent Acquisition

      Description: Worried that science fiction is really intersecting with real-life? Do you think robots may be really people? With advancements moving at a rapid pace to create efficiencies in how we attract and hire talent, the concern is that automation may soon be replacing you in key areas of your role. Join HireVue as we share and discuss the impact of Automation and Artificial Intelligence on Talent Management.  

      In this session, you will:

      • Gain insights on the evolution of talent acquisition
      • Learn some of the science behind Artificial Intelligence and its benefits
      • Discover how AI/Automation is transforming the talent management space, from sourcing to screening to hiring and beyond.

      ATD Competency Model

      This session complements the Performance Improvement, Instructional Design, Learning Technologies, Integrated Talent Management, Business Skills, Industry Knowledge and Technology Literacy competencies. 

      About Our Presenters


      7:30  –  Check-in / Continental Breakfast/Networking
      8:15 – Introductions and Welcome
      8:30 – Keynote Speaker
      9:00  –  Breakout Sessions:

      • Session 1 – 9 am – 9:50 am
      • Session 2 – 10:00 am – 10:50 am
      • Session 3 – 11:00 am - 11:50

      11:50 – Networking/Adjournment

      Note: Free parking is available for those who register by September 19 in a secure parking garage adjacent to the NJIT EDC.


      NNJ-ATD Member - $40.00 (USD)
      NNJ-ATD Member Executive Package - $25(USD)
      NNJ-ATD Non-Member - $60.00 (USD)
      Non-Member but Member of Mid-NJ ATD or Morris County SHRM - $40.00 (USD)
        Students - $20.00 (USD)

      Event Contact

      For any questions about this event, please contact:
      Lavette Bobbitt at

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      • 25 Oct 2018
      • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
      • Novartis, 1 Health Plaza, East Hanover, NJ 07936

      Chapter Meeting

      Bridging the Gap between Talent and Career Development
      5:30 PM Networking | Kickoff 6:15 PM

      About this Event

      Recent trends in the world of work are placing extraordinary demands on the ability for organizations to quickly evolve.  Talent is at the heart of this evolution and is widely recognized as the key differentiation.  While identifying and preparing high potentials is critical, development programs need to focus on more than just leadership.  From entry level to senior management, making career development and mobility an integrated part of your process is the key to driving the most value from your pipeline development efforts.  Come out and gain insights from professionals at Right Management on how to be an advocate and strategic partner in creating a career culture in the various organizations and businesses that you support. 

      This session will provide you:

      • Research-based perspectives, key data points and facts on talent and career development
      • A Compelling value proposition for making career development a priority at all levels
      • Best practices, approaches and solutions on what other companies are currently doing in the space and what's working for them
      • Practical tools on Personal Branding to advance your career and coach others.   

      ATD Competency Model

      This session complements the Integrated Talent Management, Change Management and Performance Improvement competencies. 

      About Our Presenters

      Natallia Semendziayeva
      Vice President, Business Development
      Right Management  

      Natallia Semendziayeva is Vice President of Business Development and Consultant at Right Management.

      In her role at Right Management, Natallia leads business development initiatives to ensure outstanding client satisfaction and results. Natallia is responsible for enabling high-value client solutions by aligning Right Management’s capabilities to help her clients attain new levels of success with respect to their career transition, leadership development and talent management objectives.

      Natallia partners with organizations across industries as a trusted advisor, working to identify, develop and implement strategic solutions. She specializes in linking organizational Talent Strategy to overall Business Strategy by focusing on all areas of the employee life cycle, helping her clients to exceed their talent goals and win in the changing world of work.

      Natallia also leads and facilitates HR Leadership and Talent Management focused Hot Topics events. Some of her recent discussion topics include: Motivation At Work, Happiness In The Workplace, and Talent Management Hot Topics.



      Steve Towers
      VP Principal Consultant, Talent Management
      Right Management

      Steve Towers is Vice President, Principal Consultant with Right Management’s Talent Management practice. He also heads the Leadership Development Community of Practice for North America. Consulting Experience Senior talent management leader and coach with extensive cross-industry experience and a proven track record in the design, delivery and management of organizational effectiveness and talent management programs to meet the strategic change needs of Fortune 500 companies. 

      Areas of expertise include: 

      • Talent Management Strategy and Succession 
      • Leadership Assessment and Development 
      • Team Development & Executive Alignment 
      • Organizational Change Management 

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      5:30  –  Check-in /Networking and Light Snack
      6:15 – Introductions and Welcome
      6:30 – Program 
      8:00 - Wrap-up 


      NNJ-ATD Member - $45.00 (USD)
      NNJ-ATD Member Executive Package - FREE
      NNJ-ATD Non-Member - $60.00 (USD)
      Non-Member but Member of Mid-NJ ATD or Morris County SHRM - $45.00 (USD)

      Event Contact

      For any questions about this event, please contact:
      Lavette Bobbitt at

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