Past Award Recipients                                                              
 Year  Award  Recipient
 2016 Ralph Ganger Individual Award  Kim Glinsky
   Diane Iris
   Tim Tyler
  Presidential Award of Appreciation  Maurice Ford
   Pam Lambert
   Pam Sammarco
 2015  Charles T. Morgan  Vince Giambalvo
   Presidential Award of Appreciation 

 Nancy Cattle
 Christine Troianello
 Pam Sammarco
 Tim Tyler

   Ralph Ganger Individual Award   Kim Glinsky
   Ralph Ganger Organization Award  Sherwood Learning Solutions
 Scotwork North America Negotiating Skills
 2014  Charles T. Morgan Award for Lifetime Excellence in
Learning and Performance
 Jack Appleman
   Presidential Award of Appreciation   Will Constantine
     Marian Janes
     Pam Sammarco
     Sue Wetherell
   Ralph Ganger Individual Award   Pamela Lambert
 2013  Transformational Women's Leader   Kathy Sherwood 
   Presidential Award of Appreciation   Will Constantine
 Pam Sammarco
   Ralph Ganger Individual Award   Nancy Cattle
 Tony Irace
 Meg Paradise
   Ralph Ganger Organization Award  BASF
 2012  Presidential Award of Appreciation  Nancy Cattle
 Christine Troianello
 Scotwork Negotiating Skills of North America
   Ralph Ganger Individual Award  Mark Flamendorf
     Kim McConnell
     Robin Moriates
   Ralph Ganger Organization Award  Netspeed Learning
 2011  Presidential Award of Appreciation  Jack Appleman
     Jamie Steiger
   Ralph Ganger Individual Award  Shellye Young
   Ralph Ganger Organization Award  Skillsoft
   Charles T. Morgan  Debra Hamilton
 2010  Presidential Award of Appreciation  Shellye Young
   Ralph Ganger Individual Award  Hania Qubein
     Ken Giglio
     Rich Silkes
   Ralph Ganger Organization Award  Right Management
   Charles T. Morgan  Vince Varallo
 2009  Presidential Award of Appreciation  Vince Giambalvo
     Hania Qubein
     Pam Sammarco
   Ralph Ganger Individual Award  Alicja Lisnow
     Meg Paradise
   Ralph Ganger Organization Award  Scottwork
     Children's Aid & Family Services, Inc.
 2008  Presidential Award of Appreciation  Scott Cohen
     Debra Hamilton
     Pam Sammarco
   Ralph Ganger Individual Award  Ed Parkin
   Ralph Ganger Organization Award  Ricoh Americas Organization
 2007  Presidential Award of Appreciation  Robin Moriates
     Pam Sammarco
   Ralph Ganger Individual Award  Diane Eade
   Ralph Ganger Organization Award  Sherwood Learning Solutions
   Charles T. Morgan  Kathy Sherwood
 2006  Presidential Award of Appreciation  Scott Cohen
     Karen Nowosad
     Terry Viney
   Ralph Ganger Individual Award  Vince Varallo
   Ralph Ganger Organization Award  e-Source Corporation
   Charles T. Morgan  Pam Sammarco
     Michael Schiavoni


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