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18 Jan 2018 4:18 PM | Nancy Cattle (Administrator)


PCI Global receives requests for classic leadership skills training; communications, listening, conflict resolution etc.  We are in need of a highly experienced top performer to help us deliver those requests on a contract basis.  BUT, the much bigger opportunity is to facilitate our BOTTOM-LINE LEADERSHP ® courses built around digital business games.

Training Market. 86% Global HR leaders spend $50.1 BB year and complain of no real learning because most vendors put future leaders to sleep via lectures and e-learning.

PCI Global’s solution is to gamify critical business and leadership skills. We build rich detailed digital games, stored in the cloud, of a business, IT project, bank or supply chain. Even simulates people to lead. We then:

•     Deploy games directly onto student laptops – anywhere in the world in class or webinar

•     Download all tools onto student laptops to plan and control digitally – no more paper

•     New Learning Model:  Participants enter a rich detailed simulation of their job

•     In teams: Apply tools. Make/enter decisions with immediate feedback on results

•     SEE on screen WHAT WORKS – WHAT FAILS! Discard Fails. Apply new tools and skills --on the job.

New Game learning model. Instructor teaches key skills and tools. Participants practice on simulation with feedback and scores. Then they enter decisions to grow the business, complete the project with immediate feedback on results so they SEE on screen what works – what failed. Discard ‘fails’; retain what works to apply on the job. Compress 4 – 6 months of business experience into 16 – 24 hours. All facilitated by YOU.

PCI Webinar brings live class experience to rigorous constraints of webinars with WebEx “breakout room” technology and/or Skype.

Metrics. Digital games increase learning from a “lo” average of 24.8% to the highest average 106.7% per class.


Qualifications: Candidates must have (5) years’ experience in a corporate training environment teaching leadership, project management or finance; possess excellent platform skills and be willing to travel domestically.

Would you like to earn more money and lead the field in instructor led simulation solutions?   Send me a note.

John Censor

PCI Global Inc.

201 489 9200                      

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